Children Deserve Your Best

Children’s sermons share as much theology and biblical teaching as the adult sermon or homily. These guides give a kick-start for the ministers and gracious volunteers who deliver the children’s sermon.

What Is SSCSJ or the Sacred Steps?

"Sacred Steps: Children's Sermon Journal" engages the Lectionary readings and delivers thorough background, interpretation, and solid prompting questions to help the person preparing the children's sermon.

Some subscribers, whose ministers primarily follow the Lectionary for preaching, use SSCSJ as the discussion starter (curriculum) for their adult Sunday school class.

NEW: "the Sacred Steps" is the collection of the ideas sections from SSCSJ for preparing the children's sermon without the background, interpretation, and exegesis.

Sacred Steps: Children’s Sermon Journal is undergoing a renovation.

in the fall of 2009 when Michael and Lisa lived in Lynchburg, VA. For many years Michael wanted to create something that would
help the adult crafting the children's sermon, but was unsure where to begin.

So, with the help of his companion, Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison, a First Testament scholar, Michael set out to create a
commentary on the Lectionary that would help the minister or lay volunteer prepare
for this important aspect of the worship experience.

"Sacred Steps: Children's Sermon Journal" and "the Sacred Steps" provides ideas to help start the thinking process
for crafting 5-7 quality minutes on the sacred steps with the children each week.

the Sacred Steps

the Sacred Steps is undergoing a renovation. No further development is happening at this time.

This is a collection of children’s sermon ideas for the Lectionary Year without the background, commentary & exegesis.


Sacred Steps: Children’s Sermon Journal is suspended at this time. Please contact Rev. Michael Davison for more information.

The complete Sacred Steps: Children’s Sermon Journal contains some background, exegesis, commentary, and ideas for the children’s sermon for each week of the Lectionary year.

In Production

the Sacred Steps Year A

the Sacred Steps Year B

the Sacred Steps Year C

Sacred Steps: Children’s Sermon Journal Year C